"Life is not about how many breaths you take it’s the moments that take your breath away" – Unknown

My philosophy is that we were put here on earth to experience life completely and find fulfillment at every step. The pursuit of our goals, dreams and whatever makes us happy, should be exhilarating. My purpose here on earth is to make an immense impact on the lives of millions of people and to leave a legacy. My legacy will include my family, the books I write, as well as the companies and organizations I start and influence.


Personal Mission Statement

"In the land of darkness, I am the light for others to follow. Through considerate reason, empathetic passion, unconditional love and being a successful example to follow, I create possibility and unleash the hope, courage and faith in all those I interact with."


"In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia." – Unknown

Have you ever seen wealthy or famous people unfulfilled? Is it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Do you want to live your life to the fullest and be happy each and every day?

  1. Decide what would you want to be remembered for? Write your own Eulogy and spend your life living up to it.
  2. Establish goals in 5 key areas of your life: Business, Material, Personal Development, Family/Social and Faith/Contribution.
  3. Determine short, mid-range and long term goals to accomplish your ultimate life purpose.
  4. Define YOUR personal mission statement.
  5. Develop a daily checklist of things you must accomplish to keep you on track and maximize your time.

Are you ready to start Living Life On Purpose?


Feeling like you need a lift? The inspirational videos below will motivate you to conquer your future!

Jeff Levitan - "Respect Time"
Youtube video
Jeff Levitan - "Don't Settle" (Little Cow Story)
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Jeff Levitan - Embrace the Struggle
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All For One

All For One's vision is to generationally improve under-developed communities around the world through focused efforts in developing children. By providing comprehensive education and mentoring, All For One's goal is to create empowering environments full of possibility for children.

Internationally, All For One partners with international charities such as Save the Children and C.A.R.E to provide safe and healthy environments for infants and primary aged children. Child Prosperity Centers benefit local educational and childhood development in rural and urban areas alike. All For One partners with local primary age day care centers to provide comprehensive health care, education and mentoring. CPCs such as libraries, schools, clinics, community centers and children's homes would serve long-term educational needs and facilitate day-to-day development areas across age groups.


Please say hello or let me know how I may be able to contribute to your life.